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A Timeless Craft

Welcome to Kiln It NI.  A unique artistic voice and a playful and evocative exploration of Portavogie's colour palette, and seaside craft through the medium of ceramics. Please explore my pieces below.


Strong Currents

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Story of An Artist

Alexandra McCalmont

Using my local surroundings as a focus, I have created an abstracted form inspired by the shipwreck from 1845 that still resides on the beach of Portavogie Bay.

The main theme of my work is to celebrate Portavogie, from its fishermen and working harbour to the shipwreck that can only be seen at low tide, and to evoke the emotion of how precarious life at sea can be. These wrecks are skeletons of the past, remnants left behind from different eras and life times, reminiscent of viking longships, this is a integral part of my work as the prominent trades of fishing and metal work in Portavogie, were brought by the vikings who had a very prominent role in shaping North Down weather it was through trade or conquest.

My works are made by piping grogged porcelain paperclay slip onto a plaster batt to form the structures, in a similar manner to ceramicist Henry Pim, whose lattice structures are reminiscent of lobster pots and fishing nets. Textured slabs are layered on top to create an impression of wooden planks.  I want to channel the immense beauty of the ever changing landscapes around the village and harbour by recreating the colours on the body of the shipwrecks.


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh


Contact Me

94 New Harbour Rd
Portavogie, BT22 1EB
United Kingdom


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